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Ensuring the highest standards of quality

Quality Control

To ensure Sanitec Cleaning maintain high standards of service and quality, we keep in regular contact with our clients and make regular premise inspections to ensure standards are kept to the high levels that are expected.

All Sanitec Cleaning members of staff receive training in Health and Safety in the workplace, the safe use of chemicals (COSHH) and cleaning equipment. Chemicals are under strict supervison with all handling and safety instructions listed on each individual container as risk assessement. With a list of contents / operating instructions, H.S.E C.O.S.H.H. guide ISBN0717624447 is practiced and safety data sheets for all chemicals are available and produced on request.

Personal protective equipment includes overalls, uniforms, protective footwear, disposable latex gloves, protective respiratory masks and protective eye goggles. We also use a colour coding system to prevent cross contamination between areas. Any waste is disposed of in a responsible and safe manner, and complies with current legislation.

All members of staff are also made familiar with the Sanitec Cleaning enviromental policy.

Quality Control